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Jenaé Rachelle Williams is an American singer, songwriter, actress, 3D artist and businesswoman. She was born in San Jose, CA and moved to Los Angeles at an early age to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She was quickly discovered and signed by Capitol Records and featured in several major motion films. She burst onto the music scene under
the stage name of Ms. Williams, a name given to her by Top Dog Entertainment’s president Punch.
She later signed with BMG Sweden and released several powerful ballads. Formerly Known by her stage name Ms. Williams, in January of 2017 she co founded an independent music label, 4K2D Records, Inc. and re-introduced herself as Elis
é with
two smash songs, “Wake Up” released in March 2020 and “No Lie” release in August 2020, which collectively garnered over 2 million cross platform streams in only 6 months time.

Williams was born to Roger Williams and Jacqueline René Williams in Bay Area. She is the
youngest of three siblings and is the only daughter. She grew up as a tomboy and loved spending
time making music with her brothers Justin and Jason who would make her write and recite a rap verse before letting her into their room. This encouraged Williams to put in more effort to improve her lyrical writing and singing abilities. Her mother and brothers were a major influence in her life and were the inspirations
behind many of her songs. She developed a keen interest in the culture of hip-hop, jazz, and pop at an early age and is a student of the culture to this day.
Williams decided to pursue her ambitions and be more focused on her career after her 19-year-old
brother's tragic death. 


Williams signed to BMG Records Scandinavia and EMI publishing in 2016. In January 2019, she co-founded and signed on to independent record label 4K2D Records,Inc. She played the role of La’ Shay in the film Dance Fu, directed by Cedric The Entertainer released in 2011.
In 2017, Williams was featured in a Swedish music scene with the buzz-track FYRB (Fuck You Right Back). It was a classic
heartbreak ballad, released on BMG Scandinavia. Her performance caught the eyes of many artists and labels alike. It led her to become a co-writer and being featured in tracks with artists like LAXX, Vicetone, Paper Diamond, Boys Noize, Diplo and Brillz. FYRB was a representation of her vocal strength and feminine

In March 2020, William released Wake up, and in August 2020, she released No Lie, a song where she reflects a past toxic relationship. Williams has been featured in some top magazines such as The Hollywood Reporter, The Fader, Pure Dope, Ozone magazine, and Urban Ink magazine.Williams is also a popular designer for the online fantasy game Second Life with the name Stasey Oller.
She is currently working on her next set of songs and debut album and planning on releasing five singles in 2021.

Williams is an animal activist and has participated in rehoming and rescuing dozens of ferals and stray cats and dogs since 2009.

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